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Boston Architectural Photos

  • 28 Roslin Street
    Photos of Boston buildings and neighborhoods. Click any photo to enlarge.

First Parish Church in Dorchester Steeple Removal

  • Airborne1
    Photos of the removal of the steeple lantern at First Parish Church in Dorchester, 24 November 2006

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don warner saklad

Front street., Charlestown., public way from
Rutherford avenue. to Mason
Ward. 2
Precinct. 1
District. 1

Boston's Streets
Squares, Places, Avenues, Courts, and Other Public Locations
1989 Public Works Department City of Boston

don warner saklad

Apart from the 3 Front Streets listed on the website, there was a fourth
Front Street listed in the 1902 "List of Streets, Etc. in Boston."

"Front street, East Boston (proposed);
from Porter street (extended) to Wood Island Park,
parallel with and next east from B., R. B. & L. R.R. Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad;
formerly from Porter street (extended) to Coleridge street;
portion included in Wood Island park;
portion northeast of Wood Island park not now shown."

Kristen Swett
Assistant Archivist
archives at

Jonathan Rich

I just came up with a reference to "Fore Street" in an 1801 Boston Newspaper. The address on Fore Street is "opposite William's Arch" which I know I've heard of before but isn't showing up in my usual reference books. Any idea where this might be?

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