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Boston Architectural Photos

  • 28 Roslin Street
    Photos of Boston buildings and neighborhoods. Click any photo to enlarge.

First Parish Church in Dorchester Steeple Removal

  • Airborne1
    Photos of the removal of the steeple lantern at First Parish Church in Dorchester, 24 November 2006

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I got to your site from Universal I love these history photos and notes on the areas. Thanks for this. You're definitely on my favorites. And when I have time I'll peruse the rest of the site.


I came via Universal Hub also. I enjoy looking at old pictures of Boston. I never knew there was a reservoir on Beacon Hill!

Two years ago, I worked in the Fort Point Channel area and took some pictures of the old warehouse buildings in that area. (Album here.) Have you written anything about the history of that area? I did a little digging myself and was interested to learn about the Boston Wharf Company,

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