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Boston Architectural Photos

  • 28 Roslin Street
    Photos of Boston buildings and neighborhoods. Click any photo to enlarge.

First Parish Church in Dorchester Steeple Removal

  • Airborne1
    Photos of the removal of the steeple lantern at First Parish Church in Dorchester, 24 November 2006

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sarah c

Hello all,
I just found your web site. I am a long time Boston resident but I also anaylze Mass. real estate data for a living, we especially try to have Suffolk County look as good as possible (I work for Banker & Tradesman). I have trouble tracking old street names in deeds as they have changed so much over time. Does anyone know where I might be able to acquire a copy of the book put together in 1910 or 1911 that lists all the streets etc? I saw a quote from it listed here. I actually xeroxed the entire thing at the BPL and have been working at transcribing it for about 1 1/2 years but maybe I can locate one to keep instead.
Thank you for any help in advance.

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