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First Parish Church in Dorchester Steeple Removal

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Michael Oh

For those of us that work within the digital society, wifi is as important of a utility as electricity or water - and I think if these types of comparisons are to be made, you can ask some interesting questions.

What if you had free flowing water and plentiful electricity at home and at work, but no where in between? Sure, we don't all need it when going back and forth from work, but it sure does make life easy.

Or... is free Wifi like a public restroom? More public restrooms make life better and more bearable for residents and tourists alike - but they also have the potential of being abused, as any manager of a place with a public restroom will tell you.

Or is it more like the air we breathe? Will being digitally connected everywhere we go be essential to our existence? Seem far fetched? Well, yes, but when you consider that cell phones are simply digital devices connected over a different network, it doesn't seem so far from reality.

My prediction? The ubiquity of the network will reach far beyond any analogy - as the applications grow because of the ubiquity and ubiquity is driven by the applications.


John K

Admittedly, I only scanned your post (sorry, time constraints) but I saw that you mention wi-fi vs. water or electricity.

My feeling is that water and electricity are used by everyone.

Not so, wi-fi and/or the Internet.

In fact, the Boston Foundation's report (available at shows that almost HALF of all Bostonians are estimated to feel they have no need for the internet, at all.

They'd never say that about water.

People can go on and on about "digital divide" but until you can prove to me that there is an overwhelming need among the masses, I'm against it. And, I use wi-fi everyday, so I'd be one to benefit.

Oh, wait, did you say free or for pay? If city-wide wi-fi was available from a private company, and I had to pay for it, I'd be all for it.

I just don't see the need to have it be free.

If people choose not to buy it, it's not a matter of price, I don't think. They just don't want it. I mean, they buy cable TV from Comcast - if they wanted the Internet, they could buy it from them, too.

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