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The Neats!

I actually like their last one best, "Blues End Blue," though I think most people like "Crash at Crush" bes.


Since your post on songs about Boston mentions Jonathan Richman's "The Fenway", it's only right to note here the record it comes from, perhaps his best: Rockin' and Romance. While technically out of print, it can be obtained on cd (with pretty good sound) by direct order from largely dormant Twin/Tone records. Well worth it.


bridges, squares by ted leo:
As i walked to kendall square,
and crossed the river basin there,
the charles was black, the sky was blue,
the view was old, the bridge was new.
and past the flow's constricted mouth,
commercial lines flowed mostly south,
or east across a boundless sea,
where rising soon, the star would be.
the tides are moved by sun and moon.
the spring will last from march to june.
the red line train will pass behind,
as long as bridge joins stream and sky.
and from that point where i did stand,
i wondered at the works of man.
i wondered how this walk began,
til red line train came round again.
but it's not the time to ossify.
it's not the end of wondering why.
it's not in your faith or your apostasy.
it's not the end of history.
Edit: from the CD "Hearts of Oak"


Weren't Robin Lane and the Chartbusters local? If so, then "Robin Lane and the Chartbusters."


Magnetic Fields, Wayward Bus
Pixies, Surfer Rosa
Cars, self-titled
Helium, Pirate Prude

I could probably go on listing indie bands, but you want the best albums, not completism, right?

Cranky Blogger

Cavedogs: Joy Rides for Shut-Ins


tiny many memories.


James Montgomery Band, the song, "Train" from their album "First Time Out"

Duke & the Drivers, "Check Your Bucket"

Private Lightning, "Physical Speed"

Steve Garfield

Boston, self-titled

Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic

Cindy Bullens, Survivor

The Pousette Dart Band, Amnesia

Private Lightning, self-titled

J. Geils Band, "Live" Blow Your Face Out - 1976


Great topic:

I gotta add:

"Down on the Floor" by The Zulus, the Human Sexual Response spin-off band featuring the inimitable Larry Bangor on vocals.

Scruffy the Cat was the first thing that came to mind when I read your post here. Saw them many times back in the day.

So many great Boston bands from the 80's, so little time.


I can't believe no one's mentioned Morphine yet... Cure for Pain, Good, The Night...


While not about Boston specifically, the Cape-based 80s hardcore band the Freeze came up with "I Hate Tourists" -- a local song the Greater Boston Visitors & Convention Bureau probably won't be playing anytime soon: (from memory)
"I hate tourists
Tourists suck
It's only their daughters
I want to ****
There isn't a tourist that
I don't hate
So get the hell out of my state"


seconded on the pixies, "surfer rosa".

Chris W

I second the vote on the Zulus, but I think their best record was the one with their name spelled out in bones on the cover. Most of those songs made it onto Down On the Floor,but the production on this first record was a little more spare and understated, so the whole thing seemed to rock harder.

I will also mention the New Models and their record Sight and Sound. They played every club in town, and had a great song in Permanent Vacation. They also played a heck of a cover of Its a Long Way to the Top if You Want to Rock and Roll (altho they had no bagpipes.) They were a 3 person band for most of their life (no bass.) Ric Ocasek tried to get them a record deal - no idea why that didn't happen - they were great. Got to see them open for the Cars at the Gahden one time. Miss those days!

john zarba

Down Avenue - R.I.P. Charles P.

Who was the band that had that bald lead singer and one of their most popular songs was "Great White Way"

Schemers! And later Rain Dogs

Private Lightening


Great topic indeed!!

To John Zarba, about your question above:
The band was called "Adventure Set" and the singer was named Ken Scales, formerly of Pastiche. They put out an EP, called "Blue is for Boys". I can't find a copy of it anywhere...does anyone have a copy?

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