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Boston Architectural Photos

  • 28 Roslin Street
    Photos of Boston buildings and neighborhoods. Click any photo to enlarge.

First Parish Church in Dorchester Steeple Removal

  • Airborne1
    Photos of the removal of the steeple lantern at First Parish Church in Dorchester, 24 November 2006

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Mister Goat

Wow! That's a hilarious bit of information. Do you know the source of the name, Charles? Were brothels concentrated there?

(I'm resisting the urge to make snarky comments about the politicians who live in Louisburg Square.)

Ron Newman

So that's why it's called Joy Street?

Allan Galper

In response to "A Hill By Any Other Name", the Ladder District was so named by marketing mavens due to the narrow, parallel streets that run from the Downtown Crossing area to the Boston Common. See the article in the Real Estate Section of this past Sunday's Boston Globe (6/11/06).


If you look at an aerial photo of the Ladder District, you'll see Washington and Tremont running parallel, with all the side streets, from say West Street to Bromfield St. running between them like rungs on a ladder. I think that's where the name comes from.


Mt. Whoredom looks like a nipple ;)


I hate to say it, but that looks more like an 'a' than an 'o', at least from here- so Mt. Wharedom.


Arafelis: Using a rather large widescreen monitor, I can tell you for certian that what you are seeing isn't an A, but an O and one of those "hill lines" very close. One would wish that the orig. drawer would have left those pesky lines absent around the wording, but alas...


Nice of you to say hello to the farkers visiting your blog. :)

As a Bostonian, I find this hilarious.

You'll probably have garnered quite a few new readers! Take care.


The marketing fools renamed it the ladder district because it sounds better than the combat district.

Senor Sparky

It's actually Mt. Wharedom. But don't let that spoil the fun!

Editor's note: For those doubting that the map reads "Mount Whoredom", follow the link above to J.L. Bell's post on the same subject. He quotes several British officers, to wit:

Lt Frederick Mackenzie, diary, 25 Apr 1775: "Our Regiment Encamped his morning on Fort Hill; The 4th Regiment on Mount Whoredom, and the Marines on the Common."

Lt John Barker, diary, 26 Apr 1775: “the 1st upon Whoredom Hill.”

Gen. Percy, letter to his clergyman uncle: "Camp on Mount Whoredom, Augt. 12. 1775. . . . A strange Place Dear Dr. to write from to a Clergyman—Yet so it is, My Tent is upon the highest Summit of it.”

Tempus Fugit

I love old maps...really neat...glad you got farked and while I don't live in Boston, I had a beer at Logan Airport once so thats nearly as good. Neat site.

Ted Kennedy

[Editor's Note: Comment removed for being factually incorrect and defamatory]

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