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First Parish Church in Dorchester Steeple Removal

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Ron Newman

The Everett station lists transfers to Lowell, Lawrence, Haverhill, Andover, and Newburyport. Today, these are places reachable only by railroad. Did Boston El streetcars really run all the way up there from Everett?

Similarly, I see Fall River and Taunton listed as destinations reachable from Ashmont. (Along with Brockton, which still has a bus connection there.)

Ron Newman

You missed one other change on the Red Line: "Columbia" is now "JFK/UMass", named after two institutions that didn't exist in the 1930s (but neither of which is really reasonable walking distance from the station).

What's now Downtown Crossing station had three separate names back then, depending on what platform you stood on: Washington (Red Line), Winter (southbound Orange Line), and Summer (northbound Orange Line). Haymarket and State also each had three names, and what's now Chinatown had two.

Doug McDonald

For the purpose of accuracy, the old stations SUMMER/WINTER were on the ORANGE LINE. The corresponding RED LINE station was simply WASHINGTON. Both were changed to DOWNTOWN CROSSING.

In the early days of the color-coded design, the Orange Line (at least) maintained the old style "long" / "multiple name" station names..."

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